Limon Finance, A New Crypto Based Payment Gateway For All Online Transactions

Limon Finance is an NFT Token crypto project and a new payment system. Usually, this crypto project offers 5% of all the transactions to the holders, while the other 5% is automatically added to the locked liquidity. Limon Finance is created by the passionate team to make a better crypto place for the users. The Limon Finance system generates a series of NFT Tokens on the Binance Smart Chain. One of the best features of Limon Finance is that all the LIMON NFT Tokens are interconnected to digital products and commercial physical products that are distributed between the B2B and B2P.


Limon Finance is coming up with a jaw-dropping ideology of DEX exchange for P2P. It usually owns an AMM (Automatic Market Maker) for exchanging BEP-20 tokens. It even includes various features such as liquidity pools, locks, farming, and staking functionalities. Moreover, the Limon Finance exchange or payment gateway can also be used in online shopping websites and applications on smartphones like Android or iPhones.


At present, there are over 550 holders with $100000 liquidity and a $620000 market cap. In general, 35% of the initial tokens are burnt automatically. Also, the Limon Finance system algorithmically generates NFT Tokens. To buy $LIMON, your first need to buy BNB. After that, $LIMON can easily be purchased through the website. However, it should be noted that you should consider buying from Pancakeswap V2 as V1 has expired. If you are looking to buy a $LIMON, here is a complete process.


How to Buy $LIMON on Pancakeswap


To buy the $LIMON, you should open an account at the Pancakeswap.


  • For this, open the trust wallet application. Then choose the browser and open the Pancakeswap website. Make sure you are using the latest Pancakeswap version V2.
  • Next, choose the currency and the contract address as mentioned below:


  • Then set the Slippage rate between 5% to 8% to buy the tokens and close the pancakeswap after the confirm message of your order. Now, go back to your wallet.
  • After that, tap on the Manage icon, which is at the top right corner. Finally, type in “Add” and tap on plus, “+”.
  • Then, choose the Network “Smart Chain” and type LIMON Finance, LIMON, and 9 in the name, symbol, and decimals place.
  • Once you save the data, you are done with the process and your $LIMON Tokens will be shown in your wallet.




Tokenomics & Features:


Total Supply:

Token burn: 35%

LP holders profit: 5%

Liquidity add: 14.5%

Holders: 550.00+

Liquidity: $100000.00+

Market Cap: $620000.00+


To know more please visit Limon Finance website here:

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