How to Buy Bitcoin in Belgium – The Complete Guide by griffex



How to buy bitcoin in Belgium by Griffex

Looking to buy bitcoin in Belgium? Belgium has been on a skeptical stance towards crypto assets. Their government has also issued several warnings to protect the consumers. They also had started a campaign which was to make people aware of the common fraudulent activity associated with cryptocurrency. So, the government is also imposing regulations on business operators or individuals with cryptocurrency. By 2018, the Belgium government launched a website which was to make its citizens aware of the threats posed by crypto assets.

Belgium governance will also levy taxes for individuals gaining from crypto assets. According to STI or the Special Tax Inspectorate of Belgium, anyone who’d be garnering any amount of gains being associated with the crypto market will have to pay 33% and tag them under “miscellaneous income” while filing their tax returns. So, essentially there is no discrimination when it comes to other investments and crypto-assets. However, capital gains get tax exemption when they are from private estates but are taxable when coming from any speculative or business activity.

Taxation will be a bit tricky to control given the resounding anonymity that surrounds crypto assets. But the Belgium tax authorities will be taking after the Internal Revenue Service of the states who could successfully pressure an exchange as big as Coinbase to grant them user data access for taxation.

Belgium authority is yet to take further steps

However, the Belgium authority is yet to take further steps, rather than waiting for a common Euro policy like other European countries. The financial services and market authority of Belgium have recently updated the list of websites that they think might be fraudulent. Twenty-one new websites were added to the existing list which brings about 99 sites on the blacklist as of now. The sites are as follows:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


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